T h e F i l e s w i t c h P r o j e c t o r


Files on this server are backups made in various periods and from various sources
While it is possible some files have been scanned - most have not been processed
and therefor it is very wise to use not only the current antivirus tools available
but also revert to the parachronical tools available on this server
for some virus signatures might not be found or valid using the current antivirus tools
Also, some files seem to re-occure in different maps or topics
This is because there is some overlap between time-make-map and files found in the field
due time and effort some of these files will be parked in a different allocation
Those files will be placed as second-source
it is also possible that these files are 100% exact the same, size, content
If this seems true they will be merged

[/!\] Most files are offered as is - please leave a note at : info at fileswitch.nl if you find a problematic item [/!\]

The main reason for keeping and offering these files is

Some older systems that need recovery, restoration, maintainance need files
from a certain age, time period or version/revision level
and as time passes by more and more software will fade out
deemed absolete or not within the functioning level
that is only true for the forward looking fashion current technology
strives to be
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